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Celebrating Children’s Day in Turkey

The kids felt the merriment of National Sovereignty and Children's Day, held every 23rd of April in Turkey since 1920. (Beren Deniz Öcek/YJI)

Turkey marked National Sovereignty and Children’s Day on Saturday, April 23, with festivities, flags and a celebration of children.

The municipality of Istanbul decorated the subways with flags and signs reminiscent of a typical Turkish elementary classroom. Some of them included social messages in the font and grammar that is used to teach first graders how to read.

The historic Pera Palace Hotel, a popular spot in Istanbul, celebrates the holiday by hanging the Turkish flag. (Beren Deniz Öcek/YJI)

Bilge Nur Güven is a Senior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

Sena Naz Eksi and Beren Deniz Öcek are Junior Reporters with Youth Journalism International.

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