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Don’t go down that road


FRANKLIN, Massachusetts, U.S.A. — You forgot to study and of course your teacher decides to give a fill-in-the-blank test. Susie, the class nerd, sits right next to you and left her paper in clear view. It would be so easy to just copy her answers.

Resist the temptation because nine out of 10 times, cheating comes back to haunt you. Teachers have noticed the rapidly rising rate of students who cheat and have started to take measures to stop it. Schools have started giving out different tests or making sure nothing but a pen comes into the class with you.

Copying from other students isn’t the only way students cheat. Plagiarism is a very common way of cheating.

The sad thing is, most people who plagiarize don’t really think they are cheating. They went looking for the information and found it, like the teacher said. They don’t really understand that they are stealing someone else’s work and calling it their own.

Of course they’ll realize it when they get the paper back with a big fat F. Now teachers can buy software that detects plagiarism.

A new form of cheating has popped up recently that is growing slowly in popularity.

If you go to Google and type in “term papers,” you’ll find at least 10 advertisements telling you that you can buy a custom term paper written for you on the topic of your choice.

Sounds like a plan, right? There is a glitch, though. The writing may be terrible and the teacher will be able to tell you just copied it. The other possibility is that it is written too well to be yours.

I’m sure there are other forms of cheating I’ve left out, but my point is that if you cheat you’re going to get caught. It might not be that day but someday you are going to need that information and you aren’t going to know it.

It is a lot more satisfying when you get an A if you actually do the work.

My advice is just don’t do it.

Kassandra Ricci is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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