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Don’t Let Fashion Dictate Who You Are

Dina El Halawany/


By Dina El

Egypt – Are you one of the people cursed with fashion addiction? Do you spend
countless hours following fashion news and shopping for the perfect outfits? If
so, then you obviously don’t know what fashion really is.

Fashion is a
trend with no rules. It depends on each individual’s personal style. It is the
way you express yourself to the world and it’s affected by both your mood and your
Dressing in
the latest fashion is overwhelming in so many ways. It actually makes you feel
more confident and powerful.
Walking down
the streets can feel like walking on a runway in a fashion show. All eyes are
on your and you enjoy people commenting about how glamorous you look.
However, trying
too hard to stay up to date the latest fashion has numerous drawbacks.
In addition
to the fact that it can cost a fortune, and even lead to financial problems
later on, some people, especially teenagers, lose interest in other important
aspects of life because they’d rather spend their time shopping than doing
anything else.
A messy closet.
Dina El Halawany/
You buy a
single dress, then a matching bag and shoes … or a suit and a matching tie.
You just keep buying one thing after the other until you turn into a shopaholic.
Before you
know it, your closet turns into a disaster.
To be
honest, though fashion can make you look better on the outside and feel better
about yourself deep inside, it doesn’t change anything about who you really
So wear what
expresses you. Have your own style!
Remember the
old adage that fashion fades, but style is eternal. A simple outfit can look
really elegant.
It’s not
about cost or brand. It’s about how confident you are while you’re wearing the
choices you make.
Time is
priceless, so don’t waste it trying to impress people by what you wear, when
you should be working hard to accomplish your dreams.
Looking good
is important, but instead of spending hours in front of the mirror, spend
minutes and save the rest of the time for something more fundamental.
character is what defines you, not your clothes.
People won’t
respect you for what you wear, but for your actions.
That doesn’t
mean that you should ignore looking presentable, but instead of obsessing over
how you look, get out there and do something useful.
Achieve your
goals and then people will look at you as an honorable, marvelous person even
if you’re in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.