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Egypt sparkles at Ramadan

In Mansoura, Egypt, outside a large tent set up as a temporary store to sell decorations for Ramadan. (Ahmed Elkhamisy/YJI)
Ramadan decorations in the old part of Alexandria, Egypt include references to Mecca and Great Pyramids. (Jana Salama/YJI)
Ramadan decorations in Alexandria, Egypt, include a display depicting a vendor selling fool, a dish made with mashed, boiled beans. (Jana Salama/YJI)
Ramadan decorations in an old part of Alexandria, Egypt. A lot of the decorations are mostly not related to religion, but this is mostly a visual description of what Ramadan tended to look like a long time ago in Egypt, even displaying TV characters and personalities for shows that aired exclusively during Ramadan. (Jana Salama/YJI)
A shopping area in the old town of Alexandria, Egypt, displays decorations for Ramadan. (Jana Salama/YJI)

Jana Salama and Ahmed Elkhamisy are Junior Reporters with Youth Journalism International.

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