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London 2012 Living Up To The Hype

Robert Guthrie
Scotland – The London 2012 Olympic Games were always set to be ‘the greatest
show on earth,’ and judging by events so far, it’s certainly living up to being
that exactly.
a stunning opening ceremony, medals gained and a spectacular Olympic Park, the
Games are well underway.
spectacular opening ceremony showed London to the world with a £27 million –
but well worth it – display of British culture, ultimately put together by
renowned filmmaker Danny Boyle. Throughout the night, the world saw Britain’s
past from rolling rural landscapes to the industrial revolution’s bustling city
scene with lifelike smoke chimneys erected in the stadium, pouring out smoke.
me, one of the major highlights was the lighting of the torch. Thankfully,
organizers this year didn’t just redesign a ‘bowl on a stick’ for a cauldron.
Instead, it was made out of 204 bronze petals – one for each competing country
– which were then put together and made into one large flame which continues to
burn brightly.
I was shocked to find that unlike other Games, the cauldron would be placed
inside the Olympic stadium, so only fee-paying athletics ticket holders will be
able to see it. In both the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, and four years ago
at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the torch was displayed outside the stadium –
really, why couldn’t we have done the same?
opening ceremony show was spectacular, though, and makes you proud to be part
of Britain, knowing that the world’s comments were of high praise and around 40
million people from America were watching on their screens at home in addition
to other views around the globe.
was put together by Rick Smith of the band ‘Underworld’ and the hauntingly
beautiful music which the torch was lit to – specially commissioned ‘Caliban’s
Dream’ – set the scene wonderfully. A major positive for me though, was that
seven inspirational young torch bearers lit the flame, highlighting the Games’
legacy – ‘inspire a generation.’

legend and five time gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave handed the flame to the
young protégés, who proceeded to circle the stadium. It culminated in the cauldron
being set alight after a 70-day torch relay around Britain.

makes you want to take up sports and be part of one of the most inspiring
things on earth. Cheesy, it may sound, but it’s really true.
of course, it’s not just about the culture of the country hosting the Games,
it’s ultimately about the sporting events.
At first, I was aware of many Brits going on about the fact
that Britain were not getting many medals. At the end of the first few days we
had about six, which compared to countries like China and the U.S.A. was not so
now we’ve got 22 gold medals and 48 total medals so far.  The nation has scooped up medals in 13 sports,
including canoeing, sailing, tennis, shooting and more.
Cyclists and rowers are now leading the medal haul for
Britain, particularly with Chris Hoy’s sixth gold medal in the Olympic Velodrome
yesterday after the nail-bitingly exciting Men’s’ Keirin tournament.
Winning six gold medals finally makes Hoy Britain’s most
successful Olympian to date, scraping the title from former rower Steve
Redgrave’s hands. More highlights from Britain striking gold at their most
successful Games ever include athlete Jess Ennis’ gold from the Woman’s
Heptathlon and also many gold achievements at Eton Dorney from Britain’s rowers.
Britain seems to be picking up after a slow first few days, surpassing
its gold medal target of 20 set after the nation racked up 19 in Beijing.
for me, the Olympics are more than worth it. I think it’s a shame when someone
grumbles about the Olympics. Of course, there will always be cynics who think
the money could be better spent on getting Britain back on track with the
recession, but really, the Games make you proud.
think that many hundreds of thousands of people will be flocking to the British
capital this summer is fantastic. And for the cynics, there come great
advantages here. There’ll be more of an influx of people who want to take part
in sports after the summer with inspiration from the Games.
will also be a huge amount of money brought in by tourism, with all of the
people coming to London visiting not only the Olympics and Paralympics this
year, but also visitor attractions and digging deep into their wallets and
purses in gift shops.
really, the Olympic Games being hosted in our country this year is fantastic.
It’s just a great celebration of culture and sport. Who knows what the rest of
the Games will hold, and who will make it into the history books next, but it’s
sure to be a great Games.