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Moroccans protest Israel’s siege of Gaza

Protesters carry banners at a pro-Palestinian march in Casablanca on Sunday. (Sal Mamouni/YJI)

Casablanca, MOROCCO – Israel’s ongoing intense bombardment of the besieged Gaza strip prompted a large March in Casablanca Sunday, with protesters calling for a ceasefire.

The protest followed Israel’s retaliation for Hamas attacks on October 7 that killed more than 1,400 people.

Relentless Israeli airstrikes since then have claimed nearly 30,000 lives in Gaza, with a significant number being civilians, including children, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

Many besieged Gazans have since been unable to access food and medical supplies.

On Sunday, the Moroccan Front for the Support of Palestine and the Fight Against Normalization led a protest in Casablanca against the ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip. 

The protest began at 5 p.m. at Dar El Ouazzani and was able to draw key figures in Moroccan politics.

The peaceful demonstration drew a substantial police presence that redirected traffic.

A group of children led the protest, waving a long Palestinian flag and chanting, “Free, free Palestine.”

Protesters, many of them children, hold a huge Palestinian flag during the protest in Casablanca. (Sal Mamouni/YJI)

Following them, a group of well known people, including al Hussein Beniaz and Omar Amkaso, and the Casablanca coordinator of the group, carried signs and Palestinian flags.

The demonstrators carried pots and struck them to mimic the scene of Gazans awaiting food in Gaza, expressing their solidarity with the people there.

Protesters demanded a boycott of what they called “Zionist products” including McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Pepsi and almost every international brand. They also accused the Moroccan couscous brand Dari of selling in Israel.

They criticized national television channels for throwing celebrations while there is ongoing conflict in Gaza and verbally attacked André Azoulay, the only Jewish advisor to Morocco’s king, chanting, “The Zionist is an advisor.”

Protesters called for the immediate opening of Gaza’s crossings, citing the humanitarian crisis caused by the blockade.

“They need to open the crossings,” said Ahmed Azizi, who took part in the demonstration. “Children are dying.”

Demonstrators walk on the streets of Casablanca. (Sal Mamouni/YJI)

The group also expressed its opposition to recent normalization efforts between Morocco and Israel, saying that Arab regimes who do so act against the will of their people.

The demonstration was peaceful, with an estimated 7,000 joining the march, and ended at 8 p.m. with speeches from key attendees.

Sal Mamouni is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International

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