New Tattoo issue ranges from Myanmar to West Hartford

In our new issue at, Youth Journalism International’s young writers have delivered a wide-ranging assortment of stories, pictures and cartoons.
Singapore teen Geraldine Soon wrote months ago about her journey to Myanmar long before this month’s cyclone ripped through a wide swath of that poverty-stricken but beautiful place. Check out her account – and luscious pictures – as well as her opinion piece on what’s happened there in recent days.
West Hartford writer Kiernan Majerus-Collins has a hard-hitting opinion piece calling for schools – and students – to stop using “gay,” “fag,” and “homo” as casual slurs. Don’t miss it.
There are also two new cartoons from the talented Bristol artist Justin Skaradosky, one on proms and one on school funding, and a solid news piece from Beth Pond about the effort to help Darfur one empty bowl at a time.
There’s also a review by Bristol’s Rachel Glogowski of the stage production of “The Bluest Eye” that you won’t want to miss.
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