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Notebook: Tear Gas Hurled At My House

Youth Journalism International Reporter Bwette Daniel Gilbert
at his home in Kampala, Uganda, holding one of the tear gas
canisters tossed at his home Friday.
By Bwette Daniels Gilbert
Youth Journalism International
KAMPALA, Uganda – The violence on the streets of Kampala is getting more intense by the second, and today, it truly hit home for me.
I went to take some photographs this morning of the demonstrations near Entebbe Road.
Police were shooting bullets and tear gas into the air to scare demonstrators, who aren’t backing down.
Today the military hurled four tins of tear gas at my house.
I’ve seen them in my neighborhood on foot, shooting and in their jeeps before this, and everyone at home saw them today.
I returned home for some lunch and found my little brother and sisters, my auntie and others at the house sobbing, their eyes stinging from the tear gas smoke still in the air. It was terrible.
My brother, who is five, was crying, asking me what was hurting his eyes. I almost couldn’t answer him because everyone was crying out so loud.
Bwette Daniel Gilbert /
A military vehicle on the streets of Kampala Friday morning.