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A Change Of Heart On The Royal Wedding

Official photo, The British Monarchy

The Dutchess and Duke of Cambridge wave from the balcony
of Buckingham Palace after their wedding Friday.

By Evangeline Han
Junior Reporter
Youth Journalism International
MELAKA, Malaysia – I always thought the royal wedding was overrated – until I watched it.
After watching everything, right from the guests’ arrival to the couple’s Buckingham Palace balcony appearance, I’ve finally realized why everyone was excited about it.
A fairy-tale wedding completed with kings, queens, princes, princesses and carriages, it is the wedding of weddings.
The broadcast frequently showed excited crowds in various parts of England. Anyone who saw the excited crowds would find it hard not to be excited, too. Excitement about the royal wedding was also obvious on Facebook, Twitter and various internet chat rooms where it was a hot topic.
TV channel NTV7 in Malaysia partnered with BBC for the broadcast. I was in a Wikipedia Internet Relay Chat channel and there was another user in there who was also watching the BBC broadcast.
It was amazing to be watching exactly the same thing as someone across the world in England.
Throughout the ceremony, I was constantly tweeting about what was going on. My tweets are going to be my mini-journal about the royal wedding.
On Twitter, almost all of the Twitter trends were about topics related to the royal wedding, including the term “RoyalWedding.”
Celebrity Victoria Beckham’s dress, the fact that Samantha Cameron, the wife of the English prime minister, wasn’t wearing a hat and Sarah Burton as Princess Catherine’s wedding dress designer all proved Twitter-worthy.
Towards the end of the wedding, I wasn’t surprised to find that #proudtobebritish had become a Twitter trend.
At the end of it all, I did not regret spending five hours watching the coverage of the royal wedding.
It was spectacular and fabulous.
In the future, I will be proud to tell my grandchildren that I watched the royal wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

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  • I completely missed the live coverage (it started at the ungodly hour of 4am where I live), but watched the actual ceremony later. I liked the traditional elements of the ceremony, and Kate's dress was very nice. I hadn't planned on watching it at all the day before, but now I'm glad I did.