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Top 10 Ways to Annoy Your Teachers

1. Make that $80 dollar graphing calculator worth it: play and exchange games in class.
2. Be a considerate individual: always wave to your friends when you walk by their classrooms.
3. Potty mouth: Bathroom breaks are a must. Ask to go whenever you want.
4. Organization is key. Keep your notes and homework neatly jammed into the front of your textbook.
5. Brain food: Don’t go hungry. Eat in class.
6. Dress for success: wear your coat so you can give your full attention to the suject, not your thermally challenged digits.
7. Dream student: catch up on your Zs by napping in class.
8. Tune out your teacher with the help of your favorite CD.
9. The only dumb question: ask again, they love to repeat the answers. They’ve only been doing it for years.
10. Better late than never: make the teacher hold the door while you swagger in from the hall. It’s what they call individual attention.

Sarah Jordan is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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