Contest Fix Notices

Two Canadian and Pakistani Contest Winners

We’ve been sharing photographs of the winners of the Youth Journalism International 2012 Excellence in Journalism contest as they’re provided to us. Below are two more. The girls pictured below are YJI students, but most contest winners are not.

Photo provided


Mehran Shamit of Toronto, Canada, with the two awards 

she won in the Youth Journalism International 2012 Excellence
in Journalism contest.

Mehran Shamit, a high school student in Toronto, Canada who has been a student of YJI for about three years, won first place for her contributions to a team entry, “Egyptian Revolution: From Tahrir to the World.” She worked alongside YJI students in Egypt, the Netherlands, New Jersey and Connecticut on the ongoing series of enterprise stories. See Mehran’s piece. She also won an Honorable Mention in the cartoons category for her drawing, “Outrage: Bangladeshi Girl Killed By Indian Border Patrol; Politicians Ignore It.”

Some newer students also captured prizes. Below is a photo of Arooj Khalid, a 15-year-old girl from Lahroe, Pakistan, who won an Honorable Mention in the Photo Essay category for her essay, “Bazaar Adds Richness to Ramadan.”

Congratulations again to Mehran, Arooj and all the winners!

Photo provided

Arooj Khalid of Lahore, Pakistan, with her first award