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You could easily get lost in the dazzling Iran Mall

The Jundi Shapoor Library at the Iran Mall. (Parnian Shahsavary/YJI)

TEHRAN – The largest mall in Iran is Iran Mall in Chitgar, an area in the northwest part of Tehran, and includes both many shops but also stunning displays that show off national traditions and history.

There are beautiful designs in the building which show different parts of our culture. Shiny chandeliers and polished wood with artistic cuts are a small part of this gigantic masterpiece.

The entrance to the traditional market at the Iran Mall. (Parnian Shahsavary/YJI)

You can also find whatever you want in this place.

Furniture, kitchen appliances, leather products, shoes and even plants are available here, but all the brands and stuff are not the only reason that people go to Iran Mall to spend their time.

The mall has a cineplex, big shopping market, restaurants, cafés and great events which catch the attention of people of all ages and lifestyles from all over Tehran and Iran.

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A hallway in a shopping area illuminated by natural light. (Parnian Shahsavary/YJI)

A space at the Iran Mall known as the car showroom. (Parnian Shahsavary/YJI)

The Mirror Hall in the traditional market inside the Iran Mall. (Parnian Shahsavary/YJI)

Though these images make the place look empty, you should see this place during the holidays or before the pandemic. There were chairs and desks for reading in the library and the scent of coffee running through the halls and corridors.

Let’s say it has 20,000 parking spaces to handle the crowd and I promise, you’ll want to memorize the floor’s numbers when you leave your car. You really don’t want to get lost.

Parnian Shahsavary is a Junior Reporter and Senior Illustrator with Youth Journalism International.

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