Muslim American teen grieves with Orlando

Vigil in Hartford, Conn. for victims of the Orlando shooting.

TINLEY PARK, Illinois, U.S.A. – The attack early Sunday at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando – the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history – is affecting everyone all over the country.

As a Muslim American, I am disgusted by the behavior of the shooter, Omar Mateen and ISIS. Islam is a religion of peace and does not deal with any violence. ISIS and its supporters use Islam as an excuse for their unstable and violent minds.

America is a wonderful and amazing place to practice your religion, no matter what religion you believe in.

American Muslims grieve and mourn with the victims.

ISIS and its supporters need to be stopped. We all need to stand together as one community, Muslim, Christians, Jews, Hindus and all people of good will.

Let’s stand united as Americans we should not let fear or hate get to us. Together we stand against terrorism, extremism, and racism. Let’s all remember that our fear, trauma, our sadness, and our heartbreak does not justify homophobia.

Islamophobia, homophobia, and transphobia work together, so let’s put a stop to it.

ISIS does not belong to this beautiful faith of Islam. Suicidal bombing or killing innocent civilians is forbidden in Islam. In Islam we are forbidden to judge people because God almighty is the one and only to judge.

Whoever kills one person it’s as if he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it’s as if he saved all mankind.” – Quran 5:32

Americans spent all of last week honoring Muhammad Ali, a legend for all time, who died June 3. Ali, who converted to Islam as a young man, was inspired by the faith to spread peace all around the world.

American Muslims will not support or take responsibility for the horrifying massacre in Orlando. And the whole community of Islam will refuse to be represented by this murderer who is unknown to us, who unmercifully took the lives of 49 people.

My Islam is the same as Muhammad Ali’s Islam: full of peace, hospitality, justice and love.

Diana Awawdeh is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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