We post this photo today in memory of James Foley, a gifted and brave American journalist who was brutally murdered last month by ISIS terrorists. Foley had been working in Syria in November 2012 when he was abducted. We want his family, friends and colleagues to know that his life inspires us at Youth Journalism International, which helps students worldwide, including in the most troubled places, to tell their stories. 

Here is a link to this picture on the #RememberingJim web page:

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  • so bad to hear that , how comes ? what is happening to the world? that no body is willing to hear truth being spoken of. a degenerate generation they lead as a sheep to slaughter a professional journalist, who reports nothing but the truth of the matter? why ? i say why should an innocent truth teller be mar dared? i do not know even how to say it never the less, it reminds me of THE WORD THAT SAYS THOSE WHO TAKE BY SWORD SHALL FALL BY THE EDGE OF THE SWORD. however, i am consoled at the by the fact that he died at his right full work. may THE GOD almighty grant him the gift of eternal life..(amen). Blessings ,
    BR. LUMUMBA PATRICK a student of journalism and mass comm at YMCA Kampala Uganda