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Mexico City celebrates El Día de los Muertos

People dressed as sugar skulls, or calaveritas. (Regina López/YJI)

Images from Mexico City’s spectacular parade for El Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

A parade float of an ‘Azteca’ skeleton. (Regina López/YJI)
‘El Diablo,’ or the Devil. (Regina López/YJI)
A family dressed as catrines, or well-dressed skeletons. (Regina López/YJI)
An organillero, or organ grinder, painted as a skeleton. (Regina López/YJI)
Skeleton costumes. (Regina López/YJI)
Mariachi musicians singing in the parade. (Regina López/YJI)
Women at the festival, made up as Catrinas, or well-dressed skeletons. (Regina López/YJI)
The ‘Aztecas’ dancing at the parade. (Regina López/YJI)
A Frida Khalo float in the parade. (Regina López/YJI)
Traditional dancers at the parade. (Regina López/YJI)
Los revolucionarios are a homage to those who fought in the Mexican revolution. (Regina López/YJI)
A balloon of “La Catrina.” (Regina López/YJI)
A band arrives at the parade. (Regina López/YJI)

A catrine dressed in the typical clothing of the state of Jalisco. (Regina López/YJI)

Regina Lopez is a Correspondent and Senior Photographer with Youth Journalism International.

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