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Turkish lamps shine light on handmade art

Istanbul Lamps, a shop in the Grand Bazaar. (Holly Hostettler-Davies/YJI)

ISTANBUL – One of the most iconic commodities in Türkiye, Turkish lamps are a staple in many local shops and a hit with tourists eager to take a piece of the country home.

According to local sellers, these lamps are handmade pieces, adorned with unique artwork.

The inside of the lamp is regular glass, whilst the outside of the lamps are covered with a plaster base. Professionals then work stained glass and beads in vibrant colors into the plaster, forming captivating mosaics often resembling stars.

They are then topped with bronze caps, which are themselves sublime.

These lamps embody the beauty of Turkish art and culture, which is a gift to the rest of the world.

Nargis Barbar is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International from Sweden. She wrote this and took some of the photos.

Holly Hostettler-Davies is a Senior Correspondent with Youth Journalism International from Wales. She took some of the photos.

The authors, Nargis Barbar and Holly Hostettler-Davies inside Topkapi Palace.

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Parnian Shahsavary/YJI

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